OMR and Romance

I travel by old mahabalipuram road everyday to office. Now the work has started on the IT corridor project which basically is expanding the now sorry excuse of a road into a six lane tollwwy by 2006. Its kind of surprising to the pace at which the project is executed. I am used to see huge tar machines making tar and a host of people working with jalli and sand for making roads when I grow up. Now all I see is huge machines which just dig and do whatever other stuff that is needed for road construction. The quality of roads is also a huge improvement from the older ones and I think if only we can make all the roads in the state with this quality, it will be a huge leap forward for the TN.

This week was a busy one with a lot of project related things going on simultaneously. Thus am having only less time to blog.

I am in the third part of the Ponniyin selvan and this is one book that never bores the reader. I just read probably the one part that is the romantic chapter written. This is the episode when Kundavai comes to prison to meet Vandhiyathevan and offers her hand. Probably the only other instance that compares with it when Arulmozhi rescues the sparrows coming in a elephant and the subsequent dialogs with Vanathy. Then probably we can include the love scenes in 'Ivan hoe' between Ivanhoe and Rowena. How can I forget the talk between Darcy and Eliza in 'Pride and prejudice' after they were engaged?. Probably I need to come up with the top 10 romantic scenes in literature. Now, thats a thought.

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