Eating out

When we were in US, eating out every week is like a ritual performed without fail and with dedication. Wherever we were, be it the LA/Atlanta suburbs or the poconos, we patronized the surrounding chinese/Thai/Malay and sometimes American eateries till we made friends with the waiters or moved on to a different place. We still think of the Fried rice in the Chin Chin or the Kung pao chicken in the Xian or the buffet in the China Buffet. So when we came to India, we wanted to continue the same spirit. Now, the regular eateries become Anjappar, Anjappar is a chettinad restaurant and I prefer the parottas, Sibi loves the fried rice here. Sangeetha/Saravana bhavan are our Veg alternatives and when my wife wants to eat a rava dosa or just plain veg food (like yesterday), we end up in these restaurants. What I have noticed is the veg food costs more than the non-veg restaurants mentioned above, especially Saravana Bhavan. There is a buffet in SB in the upper floor (Swathi) which serves some fantastic varieties of food. Then there is the occasional pizza from the Pizza Hut (which is preferred over others by Sibi and J). Instead of the crunchy chicken, Sibi likes the Teekha chicken now. And with the vadas and idlis from the nearby messes and hotels, the eating out never has been so much fun.

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