I missed out a few other places we visit but not so often as the others like ponnusamy, Kaaraikudi, Noodle house or Marrybrown. But that way I have to list another 10-20 places.

Anyway, Sibi is now going school without fussing about it and the good thing is he is enjoying a lot in school. He has a few friends in school and what I like is that lunch is given in school itself and it used to be such a big activity but now that he eats with the kids in school and he is eating regularly. Of course, he wants to go out and is now playing a lot of make-believe games. Like cooking or going to school/beach or just plain rhymes-singing. It never was so much fun to be with Sibi. He is so engaging and is ready to play all the time and is full of energy and fun. He learns new things every day and is very eager to share them also.

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